You Create Your Own Reality.

You cannot learn ‘how' to do this.
You can only realize it is always happening.
You get what you think about whether you want it or not. You are is a powerful creator and  you can BE or DO or HAVE anything.
Partner with a Master Certified Coach who listens and provides an encouraging space so you can hear yourself think; remember who you are; and realize what you already know. Someone with no agenda; only a commitment to your desires. Let's explore to see if coaching is right for you. Our conversation will be valuable. No matter what. 
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What Coaching Clients Say

"Dominic's style and approach have greatly facilitated me to identify areas that were holding me back. It's been a journey of increased self-awareness and a shift in mindset. I have a new found passion for being a more effective leader. I am now more effective simply by bringing more of myself to my work."
Senior Vice President, National Retailer
"I knew what I wanted, yet I took no action. Nothing changed. Then very quickly, through what felt like effortless conversation, my path became clear. Dominic helped me cut through the noise to see what I really wanted. With clarity, choices became obvious.  Within four months I took action and I am on my new path. ”
Corporate careerist to Entrepreneur
"I felt stuck in my career. Then, over six months with Dominic, I discovered the true me. This inside out transformation affected my life overall, not just my work. I now have better balance. I achieve more with far less effort. And I am more effective through being more centred and focused.
Director Operations, Pharmaceuticals

Webinar REPLAY: Feelings - Guidance to Your Desires

Feelings indicate what you are creating with thought.

Being a Deliberate Creator (coming Jan 2021)

Six week coaching program to have you BE a deliberate creator and manifesting important results in your life!
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You Create Your Own Reality

You can BE or DO or HAVE anything. Reality is created first with thought. Then action is inspired.

My Conversations with Abraham-Hicks

A complete collection of my multiple "hot seat" conversations with Abraham at their workshops.

Coaching Basics + More!

12+ hours of webinars covering coaching principles that make you a much stronger coach.

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Explore how we create our own reality. 
And how thoughts turn to things.
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Dominic Scaffidi, MCC

As a Master Certified Coach credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Dominic has worked with leaders, teams, entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve their professional and personal aspirations. His coaching approach points clients to a realization of all that they are as they focus on creating their most important desires.